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Data Literacy Fundamentals is a Course

Data Literacy Fundamentals

Starts Mar 8, 2021

$375 Enroll

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A common saying today is that “data is the new oil,” suggesting that data is a valuable asset, offering great value to those who can harness and use it.  A crucial skill in today’s data-rich business environments is data literacy, or the ability to understand, use and communicate data effectively.  However, fewer than a quarter of new workers and business decision makers report being able to confidently or skillfully work with data.  The result is a large “data literacy divide” in today’s society that closes doors and limits opportunities to those with inadequate levels of data skills, knowledge, and self-confidence.  This course is designed to help participants take the first step of their journey over the data literacy divide by providing them with practical, hands-on opportunities to understand the nature and role of data in the contemporary workplace and society, think critically about the numbers and about statistics they encounter, and work with common data displays in the form of charts and graphs.

Begins March 8, 2021

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given if you cancel prior to beginning the course. To cancel your registration in this course, please contact and reference the Receipt Number sent to your email. Please note that refund transactions, once approved, can take a few weeks to process.